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Williams The Machine WPC Display

Williams The Machine WPC Display

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Product Number:  10007
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The PinLED display set 10007 is suitable for all WPC Williams pinballs with 2x16 digit alphanumeric displays.

Fits the following pinballs:

The Machine

***ATTENTION*** Not suitable for Harley Davidson!***

***Runs in WPC machines only and not in System 11 machines!***

Installations guide for the PinLED Display-Set 10007
Before you begin with the installation of the PinLED Display-Set please check the contents of your packaging.
1. The new PinLED- Display
2. Four spacers
3. Power cable with two connectors clamps
4. This installation guide
You need a Phillips screwdriver for the installation. If you have further questions – please let us know…. Then you get help as soon as possible.
If you follow the next steps the installation is very easy and safe.

1. Unplug the mains plug.
2. Open the Backbox and store the backglass in a safe place.
3. Put the Display / Speaker Panel on the pane of the playfield.
4. Disconnect the cables from the original display. You don’t need the two Power cable with the connectors J 306 and J307 any more. Just leave them beside.
5. Remove the four screws of the old display. You will need them later on to mount the new PinLED Display.
6. Remove the old display.
7. Get the new PinLED Display into suitable position.
8. Take the four in the PinLED Display-Set included spacers into suitable position.
9. Mount the PinLED Display with the four screws.
10. Connect the flat cable from the WPC board to the new PinLED Display. You can't mix them up! The red wire of the flat cable shows on the new PinLED Display board to the left (Pin 1) and on the WPC board downwards (Pin 1).
11. Connect the PinLED Power cable that’s in the PinLED Display Set included. The two red wires must be connect to the AC Part of the +5Volt circuit. The best please to do this is the connector J101 of the driverboard. J101 is located at the right hand side of the board at the bottom. Connect the two red wires of the PinLED Power cable with the two clamps to the two red wires of the AC input of the driverboard.  The order of the red cables doesn’t matter. Just  connect one red PinLED Power cable with the other one AC supply cable.
12. Build in the Display / Speaker Panel.
13. Install the Back glass again.
14. Connect the mains plug.
15. That's it! Switch on the pinball and enjoy playing in new dimensions.....

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