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Diner Playfield Plastic Set

Diner Playfield Plastic Set

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Delivery time 4-7 working days:
 Delivery time 4-7 working days
Product Number:  31-1006A-571
Price: 169,00 €
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Williams DINER
Reproduction Plastics Set -with- Clears

New production playfield plastic set for Williams DINER pinball machine.

This new, 30-piece extended set, genuine 13-color ink-silkscreened on laser cut PETG includes all the essential artwork pieces, plus all the printed-clear plastics and the regular clear plastics.

Bonus pieces include Diner "speaker cutout" and a key fob. Vivid colors and brand new, perfect replacement for scratched, yellowed, broken, or incomplete DINER plastics sets.

Protective coatings unpeeled.

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