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PinLED Dotmatrix Display 128x16

PinLED Dotmatrix Display 128x16

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Delivery time 4-7 working days:
 Delivery time 4-7 working days
Product Number:  20001
Price: 239,00 €
[incl. 19% VAT plus shipping costs]

Data East
128x16 LED Dot Matrix Display

Fits the following pinballs:

Hook, Batman, Star Trek 25th Anniversary,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Checkpoint


Installation guide for the PinLED Display-Set 20001
16x128 Dot Matrix Display for Data East pinballs

Now we want to show how easy installation can be....if you have any further questions - please let us know.... Our will help you if you have any troubles.
If you follow the steps the installation is very easy and safe.
1. Unplug the mains plug.
2. Open the Backbox.
3. Put the Display / Speaker Panel on the playfield cover glass.
4. Disconnect the cables from the original display.
5. Remove the four nuts of the old display. You will need them later to mount the new display.
6. Remove the old display.
7. The new PinLED LED Dot Matrix Display doesn't come with the EPROM.  You have to change the old one to the new PinLED Display. Place the two Displays faced down in front of you. You can see the EPROM in its socket. It is the IC with the label on the back. Carefully pull the EPROM out of the socket (without bending the legs). You can use a tweezers for this job. On the one end of the EPROM you can see a little notch. This notch or hollow is the indication for the first pin of the EPROM. The socket on the new Display Board has also a little notch. When you put the EPROM in the socket please make sure that these two notches are lined up properly. If you put it in the wrong way the EPROM will damage after you turn on the pinball machine. If you are ready now put the EPROM in the socket of the new Display Board. Please check that all legs are lined up properly and that are also all leg are in the socket! The earlier versions of the Data East machines like Check Point use smaller EPROMs. There are two EPROMs possible - 27c010 and 27c512 (27c010 => 32 legs / 27c512 => 28 legs). If your machine use the bigger version you shell not have any trouble to put the EPROM in. But if your machine use the smaller version please make sure that the EPROM is lined up to the other end of the socket. That means the first two pins of the socket have to be released. You can see a decal on the board that describes this. 
8. Get the new PinLED Display into a suitable position in the Display / Speaker Panel.
9. Take the four plastic washer which are included in the PinLED Display-Set into a suitable position.
10. Mount the display with the four nuts
11. Connect the cables from the Data East Control Board to the new display. It is not possible to mix them up! The red wire on the flat cable is then on the right (to the middle of the new board).
12. Remove the high voltage fuses on the power supply board. This is only to be on the safe side. The new displays will also work with installed fuses. But the high voltage is not any longer in use after the conversion to PinLED Displays.
13. Reinstall in the Display / Speaker Panel.
14. Install the Backglass again.
15. Connect the mains plug.
16. That's it! Switch on the pinball and enjoy playing in new dimensions.....

5 of 5 Stars!robert c., 08/26/2012
hi , just got my pinled 20001 dotmatrix display and it works fantastic. thank you pinled they r worth getting. Rob

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