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Williams Taxi Display 2x16 digits

Williams Taxi Display 2x16 digits

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Nr. Article:  10101/1
[incl. 19% TVA en sus Frais de port]

The PinLED display set 10101/1 is suitable for all pinballs from Williams with 2x16 digit alphanumeric and 1x7 Lackpot displays.

You can adjust the display with DIP-switches to work either in Williams or Data East pinballs.





Taxi, Police Force,

Riverboat Gambler

Data East

Fits the following pinballs:

Police Force

The set includes a additional Jackpot display + connecting wire.

Installations guide for the PinLED Display-Set 10005 with additional Jackpot display
Before you begin with the installation of the PinLED Display-Set please check the contents of your packaging.
1. The new PinLED- Display
2. One PinLED Jackpot Display
3. One flat cable (app. 1meter)
4. Four spacers
5. This installation guide
You need a Phillips screwdriver for the installation. If you have further questions – please let us know…. support@pinled.de. Then you get help as soon as possible.
If you follow the next steps the installation is very easy and safe.

1. Unplug the mains plug.
2. Open the Backbox.
3. Put the Display / Speaker Panel on the pane of the playfield.
4. Disconnect the cables from the original display.
5. Remove the four screws of the old display. You will need them later on to mount the new display.
6. Remove the old display.
7. Get the new PinLED Display into suitable position.
8. Take the four in the PinLED Display-Set included spacers into suitable position.
9. Mount the PinLED Display with the four screws.
10. Remove the old Jackpot Display. Push the end of the mounting brackets together and pull the old display out. Install the new PinLED Display. Wire and connect the new flat cable.  Look at pin 1 (red wire). At the PinLED Jackpot Display pin 1 is at the button of the plug connection. On the PinLED main LED board it is J6 pin 1 (left side of the plug connection).
11. Connect the cables from the system 11 board to the new display. You can't mix them up! The red wire of the flat cable shows on the new PinLED Display board to the left (Pin 1) and on the system 11 board to the right (Pin 1).
12. Remove the high voltage fuses on the power supply board. There are one or two fuses depending on you board! This is only to be on the safe side. The new PinLED Displays will also work with installed fuses. But the high voltage isn't longer in use after the conversion to PinLED Displays.
13. Build in the Display / Speaker Panel.
14. Install the Back glass again.
15. Connect the mains plug.
16. That's it! Switch on the pinball and enjoy playing in new dimensions.....

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